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In case of discrepancy of terms of use and care of jewelry or any terms and conditions hereof, between the English version and the Estonian/Russian language version, the Estonian version shall prevail.

The jewelry is made and checked by the best experts. Each piece of jewelry has a sample and a manufacturer’s label, which guarantees the quality of the product. Silver jewelry is 925˚ and gold jewelry is 585˚ or 750˚.

Dropped stones, stretched chain links, and broken chains are not covered by the warranty and the claim cannot be satisfied free of charge if the products have been used incorrectly.

Therefore, we ask you to follow the following recommendations when wearing jewelry:

  • Protect jewelry from shocks, drops, and impacts. Jewelry is delicate and deforms as a result of physical pressure or stretching. Silver jewelry in particular can get scratched and lose its original shine when worn carelessly.
  • When engaged in household, gardening, or sports, it is recommended to remove hand jewelry, rings, necklaces, and, if necessary, earrings.
  • It is not recommended to wear jewelry while sleeping, as it may deform its shape.
  • Cosmetics and perfumes can damage jewelry. Natural pearls are particularly sensitive to cosmetics, and damage to them is permanent.
  • Hand washing, showering, and swimming are activities that also require the removal of jewelry beforehand.
  • Damp rooms are not suitable places to wear or store jewelry. Air humidity is a factor that promotes the oxidation of jewelry metal, as a result of which it can change its color and fade.
  • Remove jewelry carefully, i.e. do not pull on the stone. A stone can come out of its slot, the same can happen if it falls.
  • Jewelry with stones should be checked regularly by your jeweler or goldsmith to ensure that clasps, fasteners, clasps, and links have not been deformed during the natural wear and tear process of wearing the product.
  • Jewelry should be cleaned regularly by a jeweler.
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