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  • Bronzallure Necklace WSBZ01028.W

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  • WSBZ01268.BS-SH

    Bronzallure Necklace WSBZ01268.BS-SH

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  • Cabochon-Cut-Genuine-Gemstone-Pendant-Necklace-LABRADORITE-above_740x

    Bronzallure Necklace WSBZ01280.WM

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  • ern-lilhand-ma_5

    Engelsrufer Necklace ERN-LILHAND-MA

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  • ers-heal-rj-xs2

    Engelsrufer Powerful Stone Red Jasper pearl ERS-HEAL-RJ-XS

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  • ers-heal-te-xs2

    Engelsrufer Powerful Stone Tiger Eye Pearl ERS-HEAL-TE-XS

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  • ers-heal-lp-xs2

    Engelsrufer Powerful Stone Lapis Lazuli pearl ERS-HEAL-LP-XS

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  • ers-heal-rq-xs2

    Engelsrufer Powerful Stone Roze Quartz Pearl ERS-HEAL-RQ-XS

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  • ers-heal-ba-xs2

    Engelsrufer Powerful Stone Blue Agate ERS-HEAL-BA-XS

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  • ers-heal-ml-xs2

    Engelsrufer Powerful Stone Green Malachite Pearl ERS-HEAL-ML-XS

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  • 6746ZI Sale!

    Ti Sento Milano Necklace 6746ZI

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  • ern-tearli-rq-xs-bir_1

    Engelsrufer Necklace ERN-TEARLI-RQ-XS-BIR

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  • ern-healpara-rq-xs-r_1

    Engelsrufer Necklace ERN-HEALPARA-RQ-XS-R

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  • ern-healpara-rj-xs_1

    Engelsrufer Necklace ERN-HEALPARA-RJ-XS

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  • ern-healpara-ml-xs_1

    Engelsrufer Necklace ERN-HEALPARA-ML-XS

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  • ern-healpara-lp-xs_1

    Engelsrufer Necklace ERN-HEALPARA-LP-XS

    89.00 Read more
  • ern-healpara-ba-xs_1

    Engelsrufer Necklace ERN-HEALPARA-BA-XS

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  • hen-flamingo

    Engelsrufer Necklace HEN-FLAMINGO

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Showing 1–18 of 1207 results

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